The Roadmap to a Perfect Vacuum Sealing Process

Using your own vacuum sealer puts you on the right path to becoming more self-reliant. However, the task can take longer than expected for newbies, which is why you need to get cues from experts to do the process quickly, and efficiently. Let’s go…

Have all Supplies Within Reach

Make sure you have all the supplies you need and the vacuum sealer is working perfectly. You need to make sure you have enough vacuum sealer bags at hand, so that you don’t have to rush to the mall to buy more. You have various options when it comes to the types of bags to use. You can use precut bags or go for rolls. Precut bags come already cut to particular size while rolls give you the luxury of cutting the bags to a specifics size by yourself.

Understand the Type of Food You Want to Seal

You need to keep in mind the type of food you are sealing because it determines the technique you will use. If you are a beginner, make sure you check out some pro tips for sealing foods on Perfectly Sealed for the specific type of food.

Sealing dry foods is easy because you use the common procedure of removing all the air from the vacuum sealing bag. Handling wet food is a little more complicated because you have to get a perfect seal on regular vacuum bags. This leaves you with the option of removing as much fluid as possible from the wet food before you seal them by drying the food. If you can’t dry the wet food, you can freeze it partly to eliminate surface moisture before sealing.

Labeling is Paramount

Once the sealing process is done, you need to label the vacuum bags. This is critical later on when you need to identify the items you are getting from the freezer. Make sure you include the date of storage and type of food in the vacuum bag. Including the date of storage helps you understand which foods are to be taken out first and which come out last.

Final Thoughts

It is vital that you keep these cues in mind when performing the vacuum sealing process. These steps make sure you don’t waste your efforts and you are able to store the food properly for longer. You also get to save time on the process of sealing especially when you have a lot of food to store.