Most Common Sink Materials for Modern Kitchens

Kitchen sinks come in a wide range of materials. When selecting a material, a few criteria to consider include style, beauty, resistance to scratching and staining, resistance to heat, resistance to germs, durability, and ease of cleaning.

These materials for kitchen sinks are popular especially with modern cooks:

Stainless steel: Sinks made of stainless steel are extremely popular as they are easy to clean and affordable. On the minus side, stainless steel easily scratches and may be noisy when you drop some silverware or pan on it, run the disposal, or run water. Find stainless steel that has insulation underneath and is less noisy.

Stainless steel kitchen sinks come in a range of prices based on various factors such as the sink’s size, manufacturer’s brand image, the finish it has, as well as the features it comes with.

Copper: Copper can add an attractive and custom appearance to any kitchen. Kitchen sinks made of copper are more resistant to germs than stainless steel sinks, and come in many custom designer styles and shapes. However, copper is costly as well, dents and scratches easily, and ages quickly.

Cast iron and porcelain: Porcelain kitchen sinks are affordable and give kitchens an old-fashioned appearance. However, they may chip when heavy things are dropped on them, and stain far more easily compared to other materials. Buffing on a regular basis is essential for maintain the good looks of porcelain.

Acrylic: Acrylic kitchen sinks are available in a broad variety of styles and colors. Some have special germ-fighting properties in the material itself. These kitchen sinks can be cleaned easily and resist scratches. However, they are less heat-resistant than other sink materials and are susceptible to burn marks.

Granite: Granite is durable and beautiful, resistant to heat and stains, comes in a huge variety of colors, and may be coordinated or matched with granite countertops. However, granite is very costly. Nevertheless, granite kitchen sinks are in huge demand for kitchen remodeling and new construction projects.

Synthetic solid surface: Synthetic stone and granite sinks in a huge variety of colors and finishes are less costly than custom materials or natural stone, and are easy to clean as well as stain resistant. Most scratches can be covered fairly easily. Synthetic solid surface sinks are a perfect budget option for style.

Antique: Country kitchens are extremely popular, and nothing completes a country kitchen than an antique sink. Most farmhouse sinks hang above the counter and might need a custom cabinet.

No matter which material or style you select for your kitchen sink, consider how you’re going to use it. For more helpful information about kitchen sinks, visit Pimp my Sink. If you also go for beauty and functionality in a sink, you’ll enjoy preparing your meals for many years to come.