Do You Spend to Much Time on Social Media?

Do You Spend to Much Time on Social Media

You don’t have to feel ashamed of that, everyone is spending way more time than they should on social media. It’s probably the largest addiction that ever existed besides drinking coffee and/or smoking cigarettes. Each time when you post something new your eagerly waiting to see who responds to your post by either liking it or preferably commenting so that you can get engaged with people.

But did you realize you can also talk to people in real life? And that you don’t have to have your mobile phone with you during every little break at work or when you come out of the shower. You should really make notes someday how much time you really spend on these platforms and you’d be surprised how much better you can spend your time, like with your kids or your husband or boyfriend for example.

From a business point of view

Yes, that’s an easy excuse that I see myself making way too often, checking to see if there are any new clients or messages, or requests or whatever. While others are busy they really don’t care if you mail them back within a minute, if you message them at the end of the day they are still surprised by the fast reaction time so don’t exaggerate it. Even if you are trying to expand your audience there is no need to spend hours on this. You can just do it 30 minutes a day, any much more than that will probably get your account flagged as suspicious anyway.

Speaking of automation

Everything on social media can be automated these days, just have a look over here and see what they are talking about. Yes, bots that is, bots that automate your account from liking to commenting, and following/unfollowing people all on auto-pilot. All you have to do is sign up for one of the services they discuss, enter a few settings and off you go, wasting your time on other social platforms lol. You just don’t learn it do you?

Putting a stop to it

If you really can’t help yourself it’s perhaps time to seek help from an expert, yes there are addiction clinics for people that just can’t step away from their screen and they are so popular that there are often waiting lists. Lucky for you I suppose as you don’t really want to stop spending time in this virtual world but believe me, we would all be better off without it.